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codesam is One of the best programmer I worked so far. He has created oscommerce module for me. I am happy to work with him. His work is excellent. A+


FIVE STARS !!!! This company is definitely the best I have EVER used on GAF - and I've tried a few !, Samar's communication was both brilliant an informative, he made suggestions for improvements that I had not even thought of, They showed both extreme honesty and integrity, total trustworthy , with access to delicate files and payment gateways, they showed total professionalism throughout the entire project, I can speak highly enough of these guys, and I will certainly offer them first refusal on any future projects - do yourself a favor, don't waste your time searching for anyone else , these guys did the lot, from admin back end to full flowing front end !!! , like I said I cant speak highly enough ........ Great job, great people , and a great price... THANK YOU !!!!

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microinfosoft have a really excellent coder....they has done my difficult work and if i will have some work then i will must select them.Excellent value for money.


Sam (Microinfosoft) is an outstanding programmer who is able to work very well with complex demands and has exceeded my expectations for the project. I will certainly use again in the future and recommend to others...Great Job!


Sam is an excellent developer to work with. He is able to bring complex projects to reality and his coding is solid. He is definitely the right person for any task that you might have in mind if you care to have it done correctly.

Blog - Having Your Own

One man's blog may be a very rewarding endeavor, both in terms of enjoyment and money. The question arises here "Why have a blog? Why not a website? Which one is the better choice?" To answer this question let's examine the important characteristics of both.

  • Charges

    You cannot get a website - at least a decent one - for nothing. Even if the designing is free, there will still be yearly hosting fees which will amount to $10 - $20 at the very lowest, and likely much more. However, it's possible to have your own blog without paying a cent.

  • Getting on the Internet

    Creating a website is difficult if not impossible for those who lack the necessary skills; and even given the proper expertise, it can take a long while to complete the task. But setting up a blog is easy.
    The procedure is a matter of filling in some information; and it's designed specifically for those who lack technical savvy. One man's blog can go from start to "live" within a half-hour by a person who has zero technical savvy, and still be every bit as fine as any first rate website.

    A first rate website can entail a month or more of work to create and put on the Internet. But within a half hour you can have your blog up and running!

  • Generating income

    A website may be a good way to generate some spending money through the marketing of products or services. A blog can do so too, and equally well provided it is marketed well. Any one man's blog can compare positively with a similarly drawn up website.

  • Aesthetics

    Websites can have a great many cool effects like videos, audios, and animation. Your blog spot on the other hand may lack the capacity to utilize the same techniques, though it has enough to appeal to visitors. Thus one man's blog spot may not compete as far as being "showy", but just as effective.

  • Manning and promoting

    A blog can have fresh content added on an ongoing schedule. For this reason blogging can draw in more traffic than a website assuming equal effort. Continuous updates can more easily be appended to a blog than to a website. So in a way, a blog performs its own self- promotion, since whenever fresh content is posted it is indexed again by the search engines. Promotion of the website on the other hand necessitates a lot of investment and effort to draw in traffic.

It looks like blogging is a good idea even for those who have professional websites up and running. It's a frequent occurrence to find one man's website supported by various blogs that have been created to focus traffic toward the website.
Blogging is also an excellent means of entertainment as you can interact socially and it won't cost you a cent. A lot of people who started with a website gradually changed over to blogging because it's simple, can be done at no cost, and gives you the opportunity to upgrade it continuously.

So the real issue is not "Why have a blog?" but "Why not have a blog?" With so many advantages why would you not take advantage of this opportunity?