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Classified Portal Development



Very smart coder and took everything I was asking for and was able to deliver. Very nice to work with and accessible. Thanks, Sam!

Ryan Clark

Excellent work! Sam (Microinfosoft) knows Magento forwards and backwards. I did not have to explain much to him, he jumped on my project and took control. Do yourself a favor and use this guy!


Excelent :) Very Nice job ... will sure contact this provider again for more project


Once again, great clean job. Great communication skills and hes highly patient!! A+++++++ for him!


Excellent person to work with. He knows he's stuff and completed the project in the time frame requested. Will work with again. A++ Thanks Microinfosoft

All about Developing Classified Web Portal and marketing

In this article we will focus on the basic web design and development to be opted for. Also we shall describe the natural search flow which is responsible for revenue generation by ad subscription.

The subject of classified Ad is poorly a marketing activity online. But when it comes to website, it's again the same thing but for internet community.  Moreover the concept is a decade old; there is the difference of changing internet search for particular subject. This subject can be anything, from rentals to domain registration to ticket booking and so on, just anything.

Overview and limitations:
In the coming series of articles we will in depth discuss on various ways to manage your classified portal for best revenue via subscription. First we shall focus on the main parameters to be considered while designing the site and interactive features behind the front end. Most recent implementation of mouse over effect on banner is the main categorization of your sales pitch; keep the number to be 4 to 5 maximum. This not only gives visual effects to the viewer but also tempt him to read the cap son which you have inserted with image.

There are people getting into this business and commit big mistake of including every category they feel. It is not like that. They are required to specific to the online search behaviour. You can not include a category which the buyer isn't looking for. Also is very important to outsource your web development to someone who can really to stable and not free lancer. You would need a highly profession company to beat competition. Start you web application with admin facility to accommodate unlimited categories and subsequent sub categories. If your business is local please avoid online payment option. This is because you are purely working to beat the competition and establish your place. For these price negotiations is like unavoidable. Make your tariff pretty simple and don't have unlimited Ad acceptance. Have your own valuation as to who will this web page should justify for all subscribers. Also try to take two years old domain, this will help you rank well on search engines. Launch your portal with testing Ads. Within 150 days you can analyse how are your subscribers going to get sales leads.

Global and local factors:
Mostly the good option to opt for can be used car for sale in INDIAN cities. It can be real estate if the political situation of the state is stable.  Why not try job search or matrimony services. These sites attract huge traffic. Nothing can be taken casual as all these are globally very competitive for the kind of big players spending a lot on internet marketing. There is generally not much need for you to market for gathering ad subscription. Once you are spread over internet community and on various sites, people for that category will automatically contact you.

Finally trying to conclude when you are planning the classified online business, go with a well established company which can give you web development hosting and most importantly have an online explore and SEO. Take beginners hosting plan on Linux servers. You can also go for online open source, but do involve with a web development company. You are more secure when you look for local niche. Get yourself involved into all web promotional activity, as this is what all you will be backing upon.

You can also break the pricing factor with reducing to 20% offer price for one month or so. Now those basic points are discussed you can start your online business.