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Payment Gateway Integration



Hi Sam! I would like to say a big-big thank you for the SUPER fast work! You really are an expert in PAYPAL! You mentioned many security points which we did not think of before! Now we are a working payment gateway and super website! Thanks a lot! I will come back to you for our next project! Highly recommend you and thanks for working all NIGHT long to finish our project asap! Thanks Andrew


Excellent freelancer working day and night for the projects to complete in time great coder, Excellent cms work, helpfull must hire again


Working with sam (microinfosoft) was a joy. With him you get great communication, and he is every bit a perfectionist as I am, so he will certainly do his best to get your job done right. We will definently use his services again, and it is our pleasure to recommend him to others. Thanks Sam

Ryan Clark

Great Job! Sam (Microinfosoft) was just the person I was looking for. He knows Joomla and my site looks sooooo much better. He took the time to listen to me and did what need to be done to get it right. His skills are top-notch and should be used by everyone on Freelancer.com!

B Clerk

microinfosoft have a really excellent coder....they has done my difficult work and if i will have some work then i will must select them.Excellent value for money.

Payment Gateway Solutions - Integrate Your Business Online

A payment gateway is defined as a secure technique of online payment which permits all the online money transactions for any business activity. Customers can make online payments for products and services very easily and conveniently. Payment gateways solutions also offer extra services including money transfer, send and receive payments by emails; telephones etc. Customers can easily purchase products from any service provider situated anywhere in the world, without hesitation. This breaking of business barrier has increased the system of online payment gateways more acceptable and one of the most effective workable system.

 paypal, an online payments solution from paypal inc, is offering online payments/money transfer solution for Indian Merchants, designed to facilitate Payment Gateway System for small, medium and large websites with unique payment plans. Unlike other Payment Gateway Systems, CC-Service from paypal integration withMicroinfosoftis very easy to integrate, reliable, secured and does not have any hidden charges. The service including online payments, credit cards, money transfer is very transparent and incorporates the most advanced control panel to monitor and control each of your payments transaction. This service is only available to merchants of India.

 ePayments offers payment gateway solutions that make it supremely easy for online retailers to accept payments anytime. This will allow you to process credit and debit cards, electronic checks, as well as gift cards 24/7 because the virtual terminal never closes. We can effortlessly setup the gateway merchant and you can then start processing payment transaction in real-time. Our payment gateway solutions provide the most powerful payment system on the market today and are known to exceed security requirements that are set forth by MasterCard and Visa.

Working of Payment Gateway

  • ePayments has developed an order template that does not require the merchant to run a database engine or shopping cart program, and can therefore be used from any existing Web site.
  • When a merchant customer goes to the merchant’s web page using this template, the customer is eventually led to an order page on the merchants Web site listing available items where the customer can select quantities of these items to purchase.
  • When the customer selects the Submit button from this order page, the customer is passed to a secure page on the ePayments Secure Transaction Processing Server. This secure page prompts the customer for name, address, credit card and other information. ePayments then uses this information to process the transaction on a real-time basis.
  • The customer is then presented with an HTML page that indicates the status of the transaction, and if the transaction is approved, email summarizing the transaction is automatically sent to both the merchant and the customer. If the transaction is declined, only the merchant receives the summary email. ePaymentsglobal.com features include:
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Online Merchant Interface
  • Highly Secure
  • Prompt Payments
  • Supports all major International and Indian Credit Cards
  • Authorize & Capture, Partial Capture option available
  • No Merchant Account Necessary
  • Quick & Easy Integration
  • Technical Support