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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Ryan Clark

Great Job! Sam (Microinfosoft) was just the person I was looking for. He knows Joomla and my site looks sooooo much better. He took the time to listen to me and did what need to be done to get it right. His skills are top-notch and should be used by everyone on Freelancer.com!

B Clerk

microinfosoft have a really excellent coder....they has done my difficult work and if i will have some work then i will must select them.Excellent value for money.


VERY QUICK!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sam was able to finish this the same day I needed it!! DON'T READ previous negative comment, I've worked with many developers on GAF and that guy is inexperienced (he only has one review!). This is now my second project with Sam, and I am very impressed, one of GAFs shining stars!


Sam(microinfosoft) did a nice job on this project and was good about changes that came up in the middle of the job. I am always concerned about the end product with any job posted, but this one was flawless in execution. I will contact again for future work.


Done all requirement within time frame. Definitely will use codersam again.

Search engine optimization (SEO), what and why of SEO

We all know whether your business is new or old it requires leads or marketing to grow, let talk today about SEO which is part of your overall marketing. There are many big companies which go for SEO, SMO and mainly SEM i.e. search engine marketing where ads are displayed on major search engines and even display ads

But reason behind display ads i.e. SEM and SEO - (natural search results for a keyword) are completely different. Display ads pushes consumer to make buying decision even if he/she is not interested in it, ads are attractive, it may end customer not buying the product 70% of the time.

When it comes to SEO where a user look for something in which he interested to buy for example he is looking to design a website and SEO too he may GOOGLE "website design in pune" or "SEO in pune". Generally user clicks at the top 5 search results but even getting your website on first will increase visitors to your website. So in case of SEO the turnout ration is much higher, because when a user is looking for something he finds it and he is going to buy today or tomorrow. We can better say SEO has 70 % of turnout ratio.

  • What is Search engine optimization?

    Search engine optimization is an iterative process; it means it cannot be done in a day or month. You do something, wait for the results to show, measure the results and make better marketing strategy. In business terms "SEO is the process of optimizing website so that more and more targeted clients, visitors or traffic reaches to your website thorough major search engines, blogs, social media website and even social bookmaking sites."

  • Why SEO

    Only just making a www (World Wide Web) website which is accessible to whole world when anyone just enter URL (uniform resource locator) into his web browser, does not mean that you are reaching the whole world.
    The real question arises how many people know URL of your website, so what should you do marketing of your website, particularly your URL, is what people should know, it your Web address. So next question is - what is the best solution.
    The answer is why not allow people to come to your website by searching the business terms for the website is meant to be. If you have a website about website design, and people search website design and its related terms in GOOGLE and find your website on first page in top 10 results and let's fancy our chances that user clicks on our website and you know end up being our customer.

  • SEO process

    Let see in short the process of our SEO

    • Keyword research
    • Pre optimization report
    • On page optimization
    • Link - Building - Off page optimization
    • Analysis and reviews.

    In next article we will talk more about SEO, its basic foundation, how local listing can be optimized using SEO for keyword like SEO in pune, search engine optimization pune, Website design pune and social media optimization.