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FIVE STARS !!!! This company is definitely the best I have EVER used on GAF - and I've tried a few !, Samar's communication was both brilliant an informative, he made suggestions for improvements that I had not even thought of, They showed both extreme honesty and integrity, total trustworthy , with access to delicate files and payment gateways, they showed total professionalism throughout the entire project, I can speak highly enough of these guys, and I will certainly offer them first refusal on any future projects - do yourself a favor, don't waste your time searching for anyone else , these guys did the lot, from admin back end to full flowing front end !!! , like I said I cant speak highly enough ........ Great job, great people , and a great price... THANK YOU !!!!


Another nice job. Works hard to get your project done quickly and is quick to get any problems worked out.


Everything worked fine with him. The project was finished in time and communication was in a pretty good english. Good luck for the future and I will be happy, to continue with more projects.


very very fast in his job. 100% recommended


codersam / microinfosoft is a great worker. good communication, fast and reliable. i enjoys doing business and will be back again.

Web Application and Design
The Internet can be an extremely important tool for businesses.  It connects them with their suppliers and customers and can have a variety of uses, probably most important of which is an avenue of communication.  Web application development companies seek to help businesses maximize the potential of Internet use through innovated custom website design, CRM development, and mobile application development.  The end result can amaze businesses and any visitors to the website and will be certain to help improve the bottom line of the business.

The Internet has exploded with more and more websites every year.  From blogs to databases to e-commerce, web application development companies can do it all.  Custom website design is one of the first and most important ways a Web Application Development Company can help improve a business.  There are entire websites devoted to jokingly displaying some of the most unprofessional looking websites on the web most likely set up at home by the owners of the website.  A web application development company can create a very professional and functional website that is sure to impress any potential customers and other parties looking to work with the business.  Many businesses logically use their website for e-commerce, so it is no wonder web application development companies frequently handle many e-commerce website design projects.  A professional looking e-commerce website is imperative because it leaves a lasting impression on a potential customer.

A website is not a cure-all for a stumbling business.  A good reputation is just as important, and CRM development is crucial to draw in new customers and retain existing ones.  For a business based around e-commerce or a strong web presence, web application development companies can help develop and maintain a healthy customer relations management program.  Good customer relations management can be its own marketing campaign, as word of mouth referrals can be more trusted than TV and billboard advertisements.CRM development should be an important part of any business plan, especially one with a reach far beyond its headquarters, warehouses, or storefront.  For businesses that are exclusively web-based, CRM Development can be the difference between vibrancy and bankruptcy.

The rapid proliferation of smart phones has led web application development companies to expand beyond their traditional Custom Website Design products.  Mobile application development has exploded with many companies turning to these mini-software packages as a unique way to connect with potential customers.  Mobile application development can take on many forms, from simple and fun games to comprehensive e-commerce applications.  Some companies opt for free mobile applications, hoping the resulting sales through the application, or advertisements inside, pay for the development of the application, and that the free application explodes in popularity after its introduction.  Others charge for their services, hoping the public understands the need for the application and the service it provides, or hope customers will pay to avoid the annoying advertisements.

As Internet use has exploded and more businesses have found more ways to generate money, or a reputation, web application development companies have found a way to make it happen.  Their expertise can turn a boring or poor website into traffic and sales generating machine.  From custom website design and mobile application development to CRM Development, web application development companies have the ability to improve nearly any business.