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Good as always. Quick turnaround.


We have worked with many programmers and sam by far is one of the best. We look forward to working with you more in the future! Keep up the good, high quality work that your firm is more than capable of.

Stephen Driver

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Codersam is a terrific/excellent developer. Proactive communication, great design skills, and clean coding. They're always cheapest and always get the job done right the first time


I have just one word for Sam, P-E-R-F-E-C-T. His job was flawless and he provided it well ahead of the deadline. i like you man. Sure have a lotta work for you in future!

With its promise to give us everything that makes sense, a group of young, self-proclaimed tech-geeks is gearing up to announce the launch of their new website this week.

microinfosoft.com built a news website clone, a product of a 6-month long development effort by the innovative founders themselves, is expected to make its way to the mainstream roster of news providers online. The new website features relevant news stories that focus on Technology, Finance and Lifestyle and an area where you can interact with fellow readers and discuss stuff.

Analysis shows that online users take at least two hours browsing for news everyday -- and most of that time is spent in sorting through a variety of bland news stories and cluttered web pages. This is where Microinfosoft comes in.

  • "Our website boasts of easy navigation and clean layout that will make your everyday news browsing far more convenient," said a spokesperson for Microinfosoft.
  • "We've drastically improved the user experience in this new website. What we're aiming for is a clean look that will appeal to everyone and make it easier for them to find something they are interested in. We basically trimmed down all the ads that are annoying and distracting to readers," he added. And for something that ordinary news websites do not have, Microinfosoft takes the lead as it introduces a community forum in their website, with the aim of promoting active participation from readers.
  • "In this factor, I think the Microinfosoft team got it just right. You know, when reading stories from news websites, there are instances when you get really interested and tempted to say something about it. Now, you can do it by posting a comment at the end of the article. The downside is, discussion in the comments section can get messy and multiple replies/quotes will drag the loading time of the page itself; not to mention it's a user's nightmare to weed through all those comments to make sure what he's going to say was not mentioned before. In a forum, everything's organized and you get to say what you want more conveniently."

    Microinfosoft looks ready to take the traditional online news industry by storm through aggressive product development and quality user experience.

  • "In the coming months, the public can expect tweaks and addition to the current features of the website. And they can rest assured that all the changes we'll be making will be made with their benefit in mind."

About Microinfosoft
Microinfosoft came from a rather unfavorable school project addressing the "How do you make a website user-friendly?" issue. Apparently, the team have an uncanny knack in making something unlikable into something, er, more likable. Thus, Microinfosoft was born - where you can share, not just the most popular, but the most interesting pieces of news at any given time. The Microinfosoft team keep this website updated several times a day to keep up with fast-paced news updates worldwide. Their aim is to be the most reliable news portal online that provides all the timely and engaging stories, mostly from the following niche: Technology, Finance and Lifestyle. Microinfosoft offers an alternative venue for users to view the latest news minus all the clutter.